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The Top 7 Reasons Your Tax Return Could Be Delayed

Face it, whether on the paying or receiving end, errors in your tax return can potentially turn your finances upside down. Incorrect entries, forms, and misinterpretations can certainly intimidate those who try to go DIY come tax time. So, what’s the solution? You can hire an accountant or a tax-filing company to be sure your […]

Paying Your Dues – Last-Minute Tax Tips for A Successful 2019 Return

Finding the perfect accountant to prepare your personal taxes is sometimes like a job itself. You know you want to find someone who is qualified, but what does that mean? When searching for a professional to prepare your personal taxes, make sure to keep in mind these last-minute tax tips. Know Your Situation Has your […]

More Than Just An Accountant

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Accounting Firm Bookkeeping and accounting are necessary tasks for every business, big and small. Depending upon your specific needs, your company size, the number of monthly transactions, and payroll operations, your accounting needs will vary. Also, based on your business’ accounting systems, policies, and reporting procedures, your financial aspects shape […]

How a Full-Service Accounting Firm Helps Busy Professionals

Around this time of the year, busy professionals suddenly find themselves even busier by having to prepare for tax season by gathering financial documents, reviewing new tax laws, and learning about ways to save on their taxes. Before you know it, you are in the heart of tax season and are not as prepared as you […]

Recent 529 Education Savings Plan Changes

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The Internal Revenue Service and Department of the Treasury have announced their intent to issue regulations on three recent tax law changes affecting popular 529 education savings plans. Tuition refunds The PATH Act change added a special rule for a beneficiary of a 529 plan, usually a student, who receives a refund of tuition or other […]

Upcoming Tax Deadlines

September Monday, September 17 Corporations: File calendar year Form 1120S if you timely requested a 6-month extension. Monday, September 17 Partnerships: File calendar year Form 1065 if you timely requested a 6-month extension. Monday, September 17 Individuals: Pay the third installment of your 2018 estimated tax – Use Form 1040-ES. Monday, September 17 Corporations: Deposit the third installment of […]